About Us

Stephen Coleclough

Founded in July 2013 by Stephen Coleclough, Caesium International LLP is a market-leading, London-based international tax consultancy service which deals primarily with the high net worth market.

We specialise in handling complex, multi-faceted problems and providing you with unique strategies and solutions.


1) Tax is not the most important thing in the world.

It is not even close.

Life, health, love are all far more important than money.

2) We will listen to find the cause of your tax problem, and not just deal with the tax problem.

Experience shows that sometimes the problem has nothing to do with tax, but doing something about tax is a convenient distraction.

3) If your tax position is not broken, we will not try to fix it.

But you will have the comfort of a fresh pair of eyes saying you are as best as you can be.

4) It is highly unlikely one magic bullet will solve all of your problems.

Different people, different issues, require different answers.

Given today’s fiscal complexity, it would be surprising if there was a one-size fits-all idea.

5) We only advise, we do not decide or act as principals.

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