No problem is too complex
Real Estate

Stephen Coleclough is uniquely positioned to provide advice regarding stamp duty, land tax, LBTT and EU and UK real estate law.

Financial Services

A leading expert on financial tax, Stephen Coleclough has over 30 years’s experience with VAT law and dealing with ultra-high net-worth individuals.

Online Businesses

Stephen Coleclough is a global expert on tax matters for online businesses, including the burgeoning gaming industry.

Why choose Stephen Coleclough?

Industry-leading service

Caesium International provides unrivalled tax consultancy services which are backed up by an extensive support network.

Stephen Coleclough

Unparalleled experience

Previously a lawyer, Stephen has over 30 years’ industry experience, including roles as an expert witness and other prominent global positions.

Stephen Coleclough

Strong technical knowledge

We communicate complex ideas simply and are adept at tackling multi-faceted problems while avoiding litigation and disputes.

We're solution-focused and believe all problems are solvable

Nobody ever says “Find me a lawyer who…

  • Will build a fence and sit on it”
  • Will give me ten reasons why I cannot do what I want”
  • Says “‘we always do it this way'”
  • Makes sure I pay the most tax possible”

We start from the premise that all problems are solvable.

It may be that the cost / benefit analysis says it is not worth it in which case you are making an informed choice.

It may be you have been looking at the wrong problem or at the wrong end of it.

We look at things differently, which means we could find the answer in unexpected places.

Who we work with

  • Families and family businesses with people or businesses in more than one country
  • The internationally mobile
  • Non-UK resident trustees and their UK beneficiaries
  • Those who find their expensive advisers are, to use a Dutch saying, “Holier than the Pope”
  • Those looking for someone to protect their rights and argue their case for them
  • Accountancy, law and tax advisory firms who need
    • a difficult client issue resolved
    • support in an enquiry
    • technical advice
    • a second view
    • risk management etc



We find creative solutions to complex tax problems


This seems to be a disappearing skill with people just doing what they always did and not asking simple questions like “why?”


Clarity of explanation is important for us (we like pictures and diagrams)


We follow strategic thought – especially in tax controversy work


We have experience in many industry sectors – including universities and other public sector bodies


Our expertise is second to none

What we do


We specialise in areas such as IHT planning for UK domiciled persons and non-UK resident trusts.

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Tax planning

Prevention is better than cure, so make sure your documents reflect what you are actually doing (it helps).

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Disputes against HMRC are unique in many ways. Our approach focuses on getting the cash.

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Stephen Coleclough
  • Tax is not the most important thing in the world.
  • We will listen to find the cause of your tax problem, and not just deal with the tax problem.
  • If your tax position is not broken, we will not try to fix it.
  • It is highly unlikely one magic bullet will solve all of your problems.
  • We only advise, we do not decide or act as principals.
  • We want you to sleep at night and all our advice is prepared on this basis.

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